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Contact me to find out how I can become the official photographer of your show!

Some of my official photographer clients include:
- Clay County Farm Bureau: Showdown at the Springs Swine Show
- Jacksonville Agricultural Fair: 4H/FFA Youth Horse Show

- Show Your Horse LLC: Show Your Horse All Breed Challenge
- Windemere Equestrian Center: Cows and Courses
- Feathered Horse Classic: Ocala 
- Doug Schembri Memorial Appaloosa Show: 2021
- YEDA: Florida Disctrict Shows 


Digital Files

Performance Photos: $15-$25 per file

One Site Black Backgrounds: $25-$35 per file

- Full albums are available for viewing and sale on my PixieSet store linked on the "PURCHASE PHOTOS" tab.

- To purchase files, just click the link and click the "PRINT STORE" button to purchase digitals and prints.

- Photo packages of digital photos are available individually and in bundles such as 10, 15, 25, and more for a discounted rate.

- All files are as high quality as possible

Horse Show Photography

I accept Venmo and PayPal

Flash Drive, SD Card, or

Digital Full Release

Before Show (Pre-Order): $350

After Show: $400

20 photos minimum for full release
Additional Horse: $150 (All photos)

If you order a flash drive or SD card (1GB or 2GB depending on how many files are included), all photos from the show of your horse are included. You will receive a folder of the best photos fully edited. Postage is included if SD or Flash Drive is selected.


Payable through Venmo or PayPal. Full albums are available for viewing at low quality on my PixieSet gallery. There is a store attached to all galleries where you can purchase digitals and prints. If you have any questions, please contact me. I'm happy to help you order or find what you need.

All files are as high quality as possible and will delivered by mail at my earliest convenience. Tracking info will be passed along if applicable.

Prints can be purchased through my PixieSet store. Click the "PURCHASE PHOTOS" tab to access.

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