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Equine Portraits

Capturing your horse's unique personality through portraits is my favorite type of photography to do. You can see their quirks, personality, sense of humor, and of course their good looks!
Great for personal and sale horses!

One of the things I really regret as a horse owner was not taking enough quality photos of her. My horse unexpectedly passed away several years ago and being able to have good quality photos to frame and remember her or the times of her life would have meant the world to me. I'm sure you can relate to the feeling of having a heart horse. Keep those lasting memories of your partner forever with a portrait session today. 

Keep in mind, black background photos require a barn isle or shed with a roof.

Black Background Portraits

Black backgrounds provide a simple yet sophisticated way to show off your horse's personality and of course, good looks! Great for sale and stud horses too!

Gallery Backdrop

White Backgrounds

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