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Open Model Calls

I offer several model calls a year to help not only build my portfolio but to fuel my creativity as an artist. These sessions are personal ideas or visions that I have for a particular set of photographs and I take on full creative control of the session. I will usually provide all necessary materials such as outfit, accessories, fantasy tack, and more to ensure the final look. These sessions are done free of charge to shoot and will usually result in a selection of free photos in exchange for your time.


Please contact me if you and/or your horse fit the requirements.


Apply today! Will be booking select sessions soon.

Model Call List

1. Flashy Western Pleasure Horse & Rider

Portraits and Video

Horse Needed: AQHA, APHA, ApHC, show horse type. Must be banded with fake tail

Color Preference: Bay, pinto, appaloosa, sorrel with lots of chrome, buckskin, palomino

Location Needed: Covered barn isle. Nice outdoor area a plus

Tack/Outfit Required: High end western pleasure show tack - matchy matchy, flashy show jacket, hat, pant/chaps, etc.

Description of Session: Horse needed for a photo and video session. Will be taking full body, portrait, and head shots for portfolio purposes. Will be focusing on horse only photos but would like to do horse and rider photos as well for the right pair/matchy matchy outfit and tack.

Compensation: Fully edited digital photos will be given in exchange for your time. Photos will be used to promote this type of session and for portfolio purposes.

2. Horse and Rider for Equestrian Lifestyle Session

Portraits & Video

Horse Needed: Show horse type - AQHA, APHA, ApHC, Warmblood, Friesian, etc. 

Color Preference: Any

Location Needed: Higher end barn (Similar to Windemere Equestrian Center or Five Fillies Farm)

Tack Required: Full English tack - very clean (Looking for higher end if possible) Dressage, hunter, or jumper preferred. 

Rider Required: Looking for a female between ages 16-40, 20s preferred, with modern riding clothes. Well styled and neat looking. Breeches, tall boots, and helmet a must. (Please send photos of outfits) Great opportunity for an aspiring model.

Description of Session: Horse and rider needed for an equestrian lifestyle session. Will be taking photos of a daily routine for a rider including but not limited to: catching, grooming, saddling, lunging, riding, washing, chores, etc. Will be at least a 1-2 hour session to get all the shots. High end barn/nice looking pastures preferred to provide the backdrop required. Will be submitted to magazines so must sign a model release form.

Compensation: Fully edited digital photos will be given in exchange for your time. Photos will be submitted to magazines for publishing. (Publishing not guaranteed*)

3. Reining Horse or Friesian at Liberty

Videography focused

Horse Needed: Reining - AQHA, APHA, ApHC (flashy preferred)

Solid black Friesian for at liberty work (stallion preferred). Long mane a must for either.
Color Preference: Any color for reining but flashy or chrome preferred. 
Location Needed: Reining - dirt/clay fenced riding area with good evening light

 Friesian - Grass pasture with trees (oak or flowering trees a plus).

Tack Required: Reining - show reining tack/show pad/outfit and must be colorful. Friesian - no tack.

Description of Session: Horse needed for videography session. Will be used to compile into a "highlight" type clip set to music.

For reining, would like all gaits, sliding stops, and pivots.

For Friesian, would love their prancy trots and canters. Flowy mane shots and overall regal looking movements.

Compensation: Video clips and/or final edited will be given in exchange for your time. If the video does not turn out how I would like, the video clips only will be given. Video will be used to promote this type of session and for portfolio purposes.

4. Stallion for Stallion Branding Session

Portraits, Conformation, & Videography of Gaits

Horse Needed: Any breed stallion that is well built and good example of their breed.
Color Preference: Any but flashy is preferred
Location Needed: Nice green pasture for at liberty photos, a nice riding area for riding photos, and a barn isle for black background photos.

Tack Required: Ideally matching western or dressage tack set. At liberty with no tack.

Description of Session: Western or dressage stallion desired for a practice stallion branding session. Will take at liberty photos and video, conformation photos, riding/working photos and videography, and black background portraits. A nice matching tack set is ideal as well as an appropriate farm that has locations for each type of photo.

Compensation: A select number of photos and video from the session of horse owner's choice in exchange for your time. May be used for marketing the stallion with photo credit to photographer.

5. Gypsy Vanner for Unicorn Session 

Portraits & Videography

Horse Needed: Pure bred Gypsy Vanner - LOTS of hair and thick build.
Color Preference: Black, Gray/White, Palomino, or any nice solid color.
Location Needed: Picturesque pasture with a tree line - an be on a lunge line

Tack Required: None

Description of Session: Black or other solid color Gypsy Vanner with lots of hair to wear a unicorn horn for photos and video. Will utilize wire to attach horn. Must be able to run either at liberty or on a lunge line to be edited out. The ideal space would be a picturesque grassy field. Flowers, trees, and other foliage. Looking for a really magical and flowy look. 

Compensation: Fully edited digital photos will be given in exchange for your time. Photos will be used to promote this type of session and for portfolio purposes.

Let’s Work Together

You can contact me by email or on my socials.

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Please include photos of the horse(s) and/or person that would be included in the session you're interested in as well as your availability.

If the session calls for a specific location at your farm, please include photos of that as well.

Thanks for submitting!
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